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Castle Nathria

Mythic Store / Castle Nathria

Boost for Castle Nathria at any mode!
Here you can get full run boost or any bosses you would like boost.
For gear up run we recommend take full run with Boosters. 
Boosters will trade all the loot they get to You.

We offer high quality boost service, including 
Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius 
Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius 
Loot trade, specific items buy out and much more! 

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Сharacter level 60
Clear lockout or order will be moved to the next lockout. (Applies only to MYTHIC boost)


This Service includes:  

  • Raid Castle Nathria with chosen options.  
  • Meta Achievement for full run: Castle Nathria (in Normal & Heroic mode)
  • Meta Achievement for full run: Heroic: Castle Nathria (in Heroic mode)
  • Feats of Strength achievement for Last boss in Heroic or Mythic Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius

    Raid loot:

       Normal: 200ilvl items from first 8 bosses and 207ilvl items from last two bosses.
       Heroic: 213ilvl items from first 8 bosses and 220ilvl items from last two bosses.
       Mythic: 226ilvl items from first 8 bosses and 233ilvl items from last two bosses.

 Mythic mode includes:

Additional information:

  • Personal loot – you will get personal items from bosses.
  • Boosters - are raiders with the same armor type as your, they will come in raid with you, and they will trade all their items to you. 
    Each booster guarantee at least 1 item. 

  • Selfplay – with this option you can go by yourself (without account sharing).
  • Stream  we will provide you with a LiveStream with your character, so you can see how are we boosting your character in real time. In some cases LiveStream is unavailable due to technical reasons.
Pandrax HD. Amazing 10/10 very professional heroic CN run 03/02/2021 Aron So first time using a service like this ( always been worried ) but these guys are amazing i have used the mythic+ hc raid and pvp service and every time they deliver .. the guys in game are super friendly and very good at what they do .. i personally would highly recommend Mythic-Store I will be using them again 10 out 10 ... nah 100-10 there brilliant ! 28/01/2021 bgnus They helped me with a custom CN heroic run; i needed only the last 3 bosses and they had a group 20min away from there so i was able to join them asap and get my AOTC 27/12/2020 Jarvis I really wanted to close this raid in the first week. Mythic store helped me with this. 14/12/2020 Bob With guild couldn't get past 2nd boss With guild couldn't get past 2nd boss but these guys made it full clear! I was watching the pro team playing in front of me! Best experience! These guys know what they are doing! Also make sure to ask for bonus in chat ;) 11/12/2020
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