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Mythic Store / Coaching

We are provide coaching services by best players in all the segments of the Game.

Our professional coach will explain you step by step what you need and how to do it in order to develop.

Why should you try a coaching?

To improve your damage, skills and survival.Get known how to analyze logs.To setup comfortable interface, addons and macros.Tips, tricks and mechanics to be able read the game in extreme situations.

Service Summary Requirements

Voice messenger & Stable Internet connection

We're also recommend you to use Discord

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For PvE Segment we're provide you with Raids and Mythic+ coaching. These are two very close but still different areas

  • In Raid we will go through boss mechanics & best way to deal with them. Some important notes and may be possible tricks for your class
  • In Mythic+ coaching contains of in-depth looking into specific dungeons & routes. Also how's your class should go through the dungeon and other tips and tricks.

PvP Coaching is one of most entertaining process. By end of the lesson you'll definitely know much more!

  • We're separate coaching in PvP to arena brackets 2vs2 and 3vs3. It depends on which bracket and which setup you are about to play. It includes what stats to build and how you should play arenas, so that you can easily play in there.

All our players are highly qualified players with extensive experience in the game, which will be able to answer any of your questions.

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