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Mythic Store / Arena

Here you can get Arena rating boost for 2vs2 or 3vs3 brackets with our best Gladiators!
We do care about our customers! We highly recommend Selfplay option for high ratings from 2200.
But we can't guarantee correct rating for fixed price on high rating if you go with Selfplay option.  
Because of that we have "Per hour" option. With this option you'll pay for each hour on current rating.  

From our side we guarantee High quality professional gaming on arena!
Note: PvP Orders ET can take from 1 up to 3 days. 

€0.00 ADD TO CART 23 Reviews

Сharacter level 60.
Item level 185.  



"By Fixed price": With this option we will play with you until the target is achieved. It might take some time to achieve the goal but we won't stop and we'll do our best. 

"Per hour": You will play with the best boosters, but your game participation is also important, but we will do everything to improve your skill and reach highest possible rating!

"Sharing": at high rating "sharing" option is risky. We do not providing this option at 2400 or above for your account safety. 
Note: That case should be discussed with our web live support in the chat menu. If you have any questions please let us know! Any case will be examined in individual approach!

With this you get: 

  • Chosen rating (by option "Fixed price").  

  • Conquest & Honor points.

  • Great experience.

Items upgrade to
Unranked (0-1399)
200 ilvl
Combatant (1400-1599)
207 ilvl
Challenger (1600-1799)
213 ilvl
Rival (1800-2099)
220 ilvl
Duelist (2100 - 2399)
226 ilvl
Gladiator (2400+)
226 ilvl

Additional options:

  • Selfplay – With this option you can play by yourself. 

  • Sharing – Our booster (pilot) will take full control over entire boost process until the goal is achieved.  Note: We will frame up time to play individually so it will not interfere with Your game time.

  • VPN   Our pilot will use VPN of your country for extra security measures.

  • Stream  we will provide you with a LiveStream with your character, so you can see how we are boosting your character in real time. In some cases  LiveStream is unavailable due to technical reasons.

Christopher I can recommend "Mythic Store" 100%. Really nice contact, very professional players and perfect help with high rated arena games. 24/04/2021 Gavin Purchased 2v2 selfplay. Good booster and efficient buying process using the chat function of website. Started arenas within about 15-30 minutes of order 04/04/2021 Nelson Walters The arena went very well! The boosters were very friendly and gave advice on my warrior 10/10!!! 02/04/2021 Noelol My wife never played in the arena, but she and the team were able to make 1800 ratings! They did not shout and explained everything calmly. I recommend this service. The wife is very happy :) 27/03/2021 Joshua I'm a real noob, but the team was able to give me a 2000 rating :DDD thx a lot ! 20/03/2021
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