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Price depends on options!
Price depends on options!


  • Character level 120.


Options description:

  • New Character: these options will prepare your new character for 8.3.

    You'll get essences from reputations

    gear: 455ilvl+ items from dungeons, we'll bring boosters with same armor type as you.

    neck leveling and complete new quest lines to get legendary back.

  • Gear up!: we recommend this option for new character or character with low gear.

    We'll set raid with 10 boosters with same armor type as you and they will trade all their loot to you.

    Same we'll do in dungeons, to trade items.

  • Account driving:  with this option you can make "To do" list and we'll playing by him.

    Contact with us, before you order this service.
  • BFA Glory pack!: this service includes all BFA glory achievements with 5 mounts.

  • Flying in Dalaran 10h: for this service we'll provide High quality Stream with good music, also you can make it better by additional options.

Additional information: 

  • SelfPlay – You can go yourself(without account sharing).

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