Allied Races

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    Product Description

     To track your progress towards unlocking, click “here“.


    • Battle for Azeroth purchased.
    • Any Character with 110 lvl.
    • For leveling Allied Races 20-110:
      • Completion of a special quest achievement and reaching Exalted with the related faction.
      • Progress on this is account-wide and is not limited to a specific faction. For example, you could complete the required Nightborne achievement and faction on an Alliance character.

    Reputation: you’ll get Exalted with the related faction.
    Quest Achievement: complete the required achievement for related faction:

    Mounts and Unlock Scenario:
    When you complete the scenario and quest chain for an Allied Race and earn the achievement, you will also unlock an Allied Race mount that can be used be other races. Even if you don’t plan on playing the Allied Races, you should still complete the scenario and quest chain to use the mount on your other characters!


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