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Shadowlands Dungeons

Mythic Store / Shadowlands Dungeons

First two weeks of expansion loot trade is not possible (Mythic mode only)

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Сharacter level 60


This Service Includes:

  • Complete Dungeons at one of chosen mode.

  • Loot trade.

  • Achievements.

Additional information:

  • Mythic  – at this mode you will get  184ilvl items from bosses.

  • SelfPlay – if you choose this option, you can go by yourself (without account sharing).

  • Full armor stack –  we’ll set your team with same armor type boosters as you and they’ll trade all their loot to you.

Sem party was set up 10 min after payment runs are very quick no wipes few breakes in between but thats normal overal a very very good experiance 10/10 would run again! 02/12/2020
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