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Dragonflight Arena 2vs2 Boost

Mythic Store / Dragonflight Arena 2vs2 Boost

World of Warcraft's 2v2 arena is an ideal way to demonstrate your PvP skills. That's why using a 2v2 arena 

boost with top-ranked PvP players is the best method to defeat opponents and increase your rating quickly and comfortably.

A WoW PvP 2vs2 boost enables you to hire a skilled Gladiator player for an hourly rate. This service can be 

used to improve your 2v2 arena skills, as well as to push your rating. 

You'll easily defeat the toughest enemies and setups, and perhaps even learn some tips and tricks along the way.

Service Summary Requirements

–°haracter level 70

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This service offers:

  • From 1 to 8 hours of 2vs2 arena games with our Master of arena player
  • Pro help with talents / rotation / tactics / binds if needed
  • Some progress for Seasonal PvP mount on 1000+ rating
  • Several PvP achievements and titles
  • Conquest & Honor points
  • Great experience 

Why do you need this service?

In the gaming world, an Arena 2vs2 Boost is a game-changer. It accelerates your progress, teaches you from top players, boosts your skills, gives you a competitive edge, and enhances your reputation. Here's why you need to buy one.

  • Accelerate Progress: Save time by reaching higher ratings and unlocking rewards quickly with PRO players
  • Learn from top: Gain insights into advanced strategies and improve your gameplay.
  • Boost your skill set: Adapt and refine your gameplay by playing alongside highly skilled teammates.
  • Boost your reputation: Showcase your dedication and skill, earning respect among fellow players.

Investing in an Arena 2vs2 Boost propels you towards success in gaming. It saves time, improves your gameplay, and opens doors to exciting opportunities. Don't miss the chance to make your mark in the competitive gaming arena.


Q: With whom will I be playing? 
A: Our players have achieved at least Gladiator rank and some of them have been participants in Blizzard's AWC at the highest level. If you have any PvP-related questions, feel free to ask them as they will share their expertise and offer advice on what works best.

Q: Why I can't buy a fixed rating?
A: To succeed in 2v2 arenas, a team requires good preparation and experience, which makes it difficult for us to guarantee that you and your partner will play well together and achieve a fixed rating. However, hourly games provide an excellent opportunity for PvP practice, where you can learn various tricks and tactics against different teams.

Q: Will it be safe for my account? 
A: This will be safe for your account. As a security measure for your account, our booster will join your LFG team as if he is a random player, which will not arouse suspicion.

Q: How does the "With Voice" option work?

A: A personal Discord conference will be created, where you and your teammate will be added. In the voice chat, your teammate can assist you in coordinating battles and answer any questions you may have. Communication is typically conducted in English. Please clarify your preference for using voice chat before proceeding.

Q: What does "Express Start" mean?

A: By selecting this option, you will be placed on a priority list for booster reservations. The start of the game can be much faster.


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