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Personal Achievement: The Role of Fitness Trainers and Boosting Teams in Gaming and Real Life

Mythic Store / Blog / Personal Achievement: The Role of Fitness Trainers and Boosting Teams in Gaming and Real Life

Fitness trainer or boosting team: who is better and what’s the difference

There has been ongoing debate In the gaming community over the past few years about boosting and coaching services' effect on the health of online projects. And today we would like to share some thoughts on whether achievements and game progress obtained through boosting services are truly your own? Can you rightfully take pride in them?

Brave new world

In the past decade the online industry has grown and penetrated many areas of real life. For example, in the early days of World of Warcraft in the mid-2000s, the products were aimed at geeks and RPG fans, but 20 years later the social aspect has changed dramatically and leisure time spent playing online games has become socially acceptable and common. Just like watching TV after work or collecting stamps.

This has resulted in two key problems for modern gaming:

For many gamers (often skilled ones, including old school players) there is not enough time for regular play on a schedule and no good opportunities for finding a team. As a result, interesting content is closed off to them since it is nearly impossible to get into a random raid without achievements (sorry, LFR fans, but we don't consider it as a true WoW experience). Such players have a great interest in the game and a desire to prove themselves by completing challenges and winning in exciting content. However, everything comes down to time: there are too few weekends in a week, and too few hours in a day.

Moreover, the amount of must-to-know information about the game and your class that you need to learn before entering a raid or dungeon has significantly increased. Again, how much time do you need to spend searching for all this information on the internet and getting hurt by clickbait YouTubers (who clearly don't know what they're talking about) before finding a good guide? Of course, everyone knows that you can find most of the useful and correct information on Wowhead, but you won't find all the nuances there, and you'll only get a superficial understanding of a few playable builds and strategies.

Real difficulties of real life

Have you ever tried to build muscle or lose weight to achieve your "dream body"? Have you gone on diets or hit the gym to lift weights? If you are someone who has a great body (either through hard work or lucky genetics), then I can only congratulate you and envy you. When I was 25 years old, my metabolism slowed down dramatically and over the course of two years living in an American suburb I gained more than 25kg while maintaining my usual lifestyle.

The next few years were spent in a constant struggle to achieve the desired results, gain muscle, and lose belly fat. Oh, I read literally a million different articles about the correct workouts, watched dozens of contradicting YouTube dietitians. But after a year my results were more than modest. Dieting, giving up alcohol, and regular workouts didn't really help - I was too busy with work and couldn't figure out my mistakes.

It turned out that solving my problem was very easy - all I had to do was hire a fitness trainer who came to my house three times a week. It turned out that I was doing a bunch of exercises completely wrong and in a dangerous way. In addition, he corrected my diet and prepared a meal plan for me for the whole week. He helped me keep track of its execution. Over the next six months of training, I lost weight to the levels of my youth and then gained muscle, finally becoming proud of myself and my body.

Perhaps I could have eventually done it all myself, but would it have been worth it? Meanwhile, all my family and friends are proud of me - such a visible self-improvement is impressive and no one can blame me for being helped because it is my personal achievement.

Knowledge is power

Professional knowledge and experience are what people are paid for in any field, whether it be the entertainment industry, medicine, or spacecraft engineering. Why reinvent the wheel when it's always easier to look at the work of others and add your own vision into it?

This also applies to the progression system in World of Warcraft. There's always a better way and an optimal leveling route, the strongest talent build, and the fastest way to complete a dungeon. And someone has already found it for you, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Most of the coolest secrets are hidden from the eyes of ordinary players - boosters and professional players often guard the secrets of their mastery.

Will a scientific discovery be less valuable if its author learned it in university and attentively listened to their professor? Is it really important where you get your knowledge from if it leads you to success?

In the modern world, it's important to be able to flexibly select the necessary information and not clutter your brain with junk. This is the key to success in many areas of life.

Play smart

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I have been friends with the lads from Mythic-store for over 10 years - I used to be a booster myself, but now I don't have as much time to play. I still actively play WoW in my free time, but I can't dedicate enough time to master it on my own. I want to expand my collection of achievements and see some real challenges.

Recently, I spent several evenings and all of Saturday looking for groups for keys and heroic raids, but I didn't get anywhere. Nobody is interested in my past achievements or years of playing experience. It takes a ton of time to catch up week after week on my own. My attempts to find a static group also failed - I simply don't have the opportunity to treat WoW like a second job any longer.

I complained about my problems in our old guild Discord, where many Mythic-store members still hang out - they just giggled it off in a friendly way, and then we agreed on a convenient time for me - we cleared all 20-level keys in two evenings, and I learned a bunch of cool tricks about completing them and received some valuable advice on how to play shaman properly.

In the end, I spent enough time searching for pugs to remember my sad experience of trying to start working out on my own without a fitness-trainer. Never set foot in the same river twice.

I am sincerely convinced that everyone chooses how to spend their time. But a little help from professionals doesn't diminish your achievements or make them less prestigious.

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