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Latest Reviews Sem party was set up 10 min after payment runs are very quick no wipes few breakes in between but thats normal overal a very very good experiance 10/10 would run again! 02/12/2020 Alexander Fast and Really good offers I like this fast service. This is the best WOW Boost shop 29/11/2020 Aymeric excellent service, 100% sure I am really extremely happy 20/11/2020 Florent really good job :) thanks for all 18/11/2020 kostas great job..smoth runs!i suggesttakingthe boost option on raiding for more loot! 01/11/2020 RhoySaur Gaming Nice service Nice service, 100% Carried me through Jaina. 01/11/2020 Yarne Faingnaert Amazing service Amazing service! Received a message to help me find the perfect deal and even got a discount on top of it for buying something extra! The raid went as smooth and possible and when I disconnected I immediately got contacted to see what went wrong, amazing customer service on top of attention to detail and making me feel comfortable knowing I'd everything possible! 10/10 Would come again 29/10/2020 Alexander Zürner Perfect service Perfect service. Quick and Smooth. 26/10/2020 Raffi Finally got Jaina´s Mount Finally got Jaina´s Mount, service was excellent. I am very pleased. I was very unsure, if i can trust them, and now i know, i can :) 26/10/2020 Eike Everything went super smoothly, even though the servers were lagging. They just rescheduled for the next day and everything was fine. Great service! 23/10/2020 Matthias Good service fast & reliable. Run was delayed and they handled it profesionally! 22/10/2020 André Hightly Recommen! All Fine...Fast and perfect! Any Time again! 20/10/2020 Andréas Highly recommend! Highly recommend! Perfect,fast and good Timed Run! Any Time again! 20/10/2020 Dan The Man Quick and great service Quick and great service. Would use again. 19/10/2020 Belinda Z. Would always recommend to friends Everything was perfect for me and the communication via the chat was super helpful. Thanks so much for doing a great job all 13/10/2020 Adam Mendy perfect amazing service, super fast and started within 30 mins of pay! take payment on paypal (which allows to cash back in case of scam) so you can trust these guys! really friendly sellers =) 13/10/2020 Mr Elg ALL TIME HIGH! Best,fastest,most proffisionally bouth staff and crew. Did i mention that they are cheepest!? :P TY 13/10/2020 Matt 10 MIN BLAST ! Cannot give less then 5/5 After joining the raid, we beat the BOSS (Jaina) under 10 minutes. Mount added into the collection. THX 13/10/2020 GRIGORIOS KRANIAS Nice clean and fast,goodjob guys 12/10/2020 Andy Fast, reliable - no trouble 8) 10/10/2020 Alexander Till Perfect job Perfect job. Super friendly guys 10/10/2020 Marcel Trippe Super Friendly and fast! 10/10/2020 Raloufinho Very good team, perfect job 07/10/2020 Abdullmohsen Excellent I've bought a couple of services from MS before writing this review, the guys are super friendly, you usually get more than what you have paid for, absolutely worth it. 07/10/2020 Yordan Absolute beasts! Great price, done AFAP, friendly and helpful in the site chat! Keep up the great fuckin job here, fellas! ^^ 29/09/2020 Eric Wisniewski Quick and nice service Quick and nice service, got my full Heroic run done within 2 hours and everything went smooth! 28/09/2020 Riton Nzoth mount Bought the mount from them at 9.99€ Was grouped on time, Nzoth done in maybe 5mins, Russian efficiency 5/5 Next 27/09/2020 Gynevra Great! GREAT!!!!... no other words need to explain my experience 27/09/2020 Hurans Pretty good service Bought Heroic N'Zoth for 10 pounds, got invited on schedule, boss died in like 5 minutes and I got my Purple Dragon. I'd say it was worth. 27/09/2020 Daniel Best service. Fast and easy =) 24/09/2020 Öncel Cebeci Great service Great service. From start to end all instructions are super clear and customer service is always there for you. Raid is pretty straight-forward and they message you up if you specifically need to do something. Otherwise you can just watch & learn these pro players. 24/09/2020 Flori I liked it Fast and clean. Very good service. Iam happy :) 24/09/2020 Deon Pieterse I've bought from these guys twice I've bought from these guys twice, initially, I was super sceptical as we all are but got reassurance very fast thereafter. The guy that helped me out (their customer service who's super friendly) was super nice and gave me a 10% discount coupon for two Jaina Mounts as well as a free Visions of Nzoth 5 mask run. Both in the two raid runs as well as the Visions run the guys were super experienced and very professional I was extremely impressed. 100% recommend them. Thanks a bunch, 22/09/2020 Jacques Incredibly cool service Honestly, I was thinking just like you, and now I am the proud owner of the mount I was after, very professional, chatted with me the whole way through. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 22/09/2020 Kenneth sørensen Really good and fast service :) Really good and fast service :) love this shop 22/09/2020 Lucifel X Uncorrupted Voidving Nztoth Heroic Thanks guys, the run was fast and smooth and went perfect, I can only recommend you all :) 20/09/2020 LOAD MORE

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