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Unlocking the secrets

Mythic Store / Unlocking the secrets

The sky over Zereth Mortis awaits you!

Look at the world of the First Ones from new side.Maybe by looking from a height, his secrets will become less incomprehensible.

Fell free to customize options for meta-achievement Unlocking the Secrets

Following achievements:

Explore Zereth MortisCurious CollectionPath to EnlightenmentTales of the ExileAdventures in Zereth MortisA means to an End - 6/7 Chapters of Campaign
Service Summary Requirements

Character level 60

Account sharing

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Here you can buy boost for Zereth Mortis Flying, which requires meta-achievement Unlocking the Secrets


Customize options for following achievements:

  1. Explore Zereth Mortis
  2. Curious Collection
  3. Path to Enlightenment
  4. Tales of the Exile
  5. Adventures in Zereth Mortis
  6. A means to an End 6/7 Chapters of Campaign


Complete all these achievements and the sky over Zereth Mortis is yours! 


In addition to achievements for you will be available:

Full opened map of Zereth Mortis.

Completed chapters of Zereth Mortis main story-line.

Completed "Small Pet Problems", "The Waters of Grace", "Not AI are lost" quest-lines.

Loot from 5 treasures and 10 rare creatures or special encounters in Zereth Mortis.


Additional information

Piloted(Sharing) – Our booster(pilot) will login on your character to take control over entire boost process until the goal is achieved. 

Note: We will frame up time to play individually so it will not interfere with Your game time. 

VPN – Our measure of safety. If you choose piloted mod, or your order needed this option, our pilot will use VPN connect of your country. 

Stream – we can provide a LiveStream of completing your order. You can see all the processes by your own eyes and in real time. But in some cases, LiveStream unavailable due to technical reasons.


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