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Rated BattleGrounds Boost

Mythic Store / Rated BattleGrounds Boost

The RBG rating boost presents an excellent opportunity for PvP players seeking to swiftly ascend the competitive ladder

without encountering any difficulties. Since its introduction, battlegrounds have evolved into one of the most challenging 

and rewarding PvP activities. Engaging in rating battlegrounds entails participating in large-scale battles that demand 

coordination and skilled teammates who possess a thorough understanding of one another. 

If you desire a fast and enjoyable experience in World of Warcraft, look no further. Our team of professional RBG boosters 

will effortlessly help you attain your desired rating and unlock its epic rewards in record time.

Service Summary Requirements

Character Level 70

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This service offers:

  • Chosen RBG rank reached for you
  • Some progress for Seasonal PvP mount on 1000+ rating
  • Several PvP achievements and titles
  • Elite transmogrification on 1800+ rating
  • Conquest & Honor points
  • Great experience 

Dragonflight Season 3 PvP Elit Transmog

Elite PvP tier set transmog has special lightning and flame effects attached to various pieces. Each rating bracket will unlock more towards your class' Elite set (View)

Combatant I: Dragonflight Season 3
Combatant II: Dragonflight Season 3
Legs, Bracers
Challenger I: Dragonflight Season 3
Gloves, Boots
Challenger II: Dragonflight Season 3
Chest, Belt
Rival I: Dragonflight Season 3
Head, Shoulder, Helm
Rival II: Dragonflight Season 3
Weapon Illusion
Elite: Dragonflight Season 3
Verdant Gladiator's Tabard and Weapon Transmog


  • LiveStream - We offer a LiveStream option for completing your order where you can see all the processes in real-time with your own eyes. However, LiveStream may be unavailable in some cases due to technical reasons.
  • 550 conquest points - Our booster will play additional games to acquire 550 conquest currency for you
  • Full Honor Gear - Our booster will purchase all Honor Gear items for your character's
  • Full Conquest Gear - Our booster will purchase all Conquest Gear items for your character's
  • Rating Safe Guarantee - In the event of a loss, our team will secure additional victories to restore your rating


Q: What is Weekly win?

A: Even if you have enough rating, you may not be able to upgrade your gear if you haven't won at that rating during the current week. That's why our store offers this service - to ensure that you reach the desired rating and receive the rewards you need.

Q: What is Piloted Boosting?
A: Our Piloted Boosting service allows one of our experienced boosters to login to your World of Warcraft account and take full control of your character until your desired goal is achieved. We will schedule the boosting process to avoid interfering with your game time. 

Q: What is Remote? 
A: Remote Boosting uses a specialized app, allowing our boosters to securely access only to the game without needing login details. Your PC will be unavailable during the boost, but we'll schedule it at a convenient time for you.

Q: What is VPN and how is it used during boosting? 
A: VPN (Virtual Private Network) routes game activity through a secure, encrypted connection, usually mimicking the customer's country connection. This provides an extra layer of security and privacy for your Battle.net account used by our booster during order activities. 

Q: What is LiveStream and how does it work? 
A: We offer a LiveStream option for completing your order where you can see all the processes in real-time with your own eyes. However, LiveStream may be unavailable in some cases due to technical reasons. 

Q: Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?
A: We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you're not satisfied with the service, please contact our support team to discuss your concerns, and we'll work towards a resolution that meets your needs.


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