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Mythic Store / Reviews
Latest Reviews Michael nice, quick and convenient service 07/05/2021 Katja Just perfekt! Nice friendly team, everything went nice fast and smooth! No matter if 9am or 2am, alway soneone online! No pronlems with extra wishes ;) Just perfekt!!!! :) 05/05/2021 Christian Mythic+15 DoS, very good! Fast, friendly, every time again! 01/05/2021 Kevin Imagine buying to boost, and getting to experience the last boss on mythic. The team was great and chill and let me play the whole fight. Instread dying somewhere in a corner you can actually do the whole fight! 10/10 would recommend 26/04/2021 Christopher I can recommend "Mythic Store" 100%. Really nice contact, very professional players and perfect help with high rated arena games. 24/04/2021 Michele every so smooth and easy! 22/04/2021 Michael very nice service, friendly support and friendly players 11/04/2021 Colin Morrison At least a little, but I felt like a professional player xD 10/04/2021 StevenFloyd It's a pity that it was impossible to be with them in the voice, but everything went great :) 07/04/2021 Thomas Kippernes First time using a boost, and when I got to the website their customer support Dylan was great help and loved the entire experience. Cleared on first try, was very efficent, pleasant and overall a great experience! 06/04/2021 Lourenco de Magalhaes Pereira Super fun, super service 05/04/2021 Gavin Purchased 2v2 selfplay. Good booster and efficient buying process using the chat function of website. Started arenas within about 15-30 minutes of order 04/04/2021 Kevin these guys are always so quick and friendly! bought several boost already from them 03/04/2021 Orest Hudziy The experience was great. Everything went fast and smooth. 02/04/2021 Nelson Walters The arena went very well! The boosters were very friendly and gave advice on my warrior 10/10!!! 02/04/2021 Maximillian I liked the service. The prices are good, the operators are friendly, the team was great 02/04/2021 mselara Perfect!!!!!!, 100%. The best 01/04/2021 customer It went smooth as butter. 01/04/2021 Jack The lightest 1800 in my life lol 01/04/2021 Buddy Whitehead I ordered a farm valor points in the morning, and when I came home from work I already had everything ready 01/04/2021 Benjamin I missed 30 games before the title of gladiator. Made a good discount and quickly found a team. Recommend100%! 29/03/2021 Donald This is not the first time I buy on this boosting service, recommend 28/03/2021 mselara Perfecto!!!!!, conectaron r√°pidamente y el servicio prefecto. 100% recomendable 27/03/2021 Noelol My wife never played in the arena, but she and the team were able to make 1800 ratings! They did not shout and explained everything calmly. I recommend this service. The wife is very happy :) 27/03/2021 Francis Merritt Due to the fact that my friends all left the game, I had no one to play with, but I really wanted the title of Commander. This service helped me get it. Everything was done quickly and not expensive 21/03/2021 Gary Small The operator found the command for me very quickly. I liked everything 21/03/2021 Joshua I'm a real noob, but the team was able to give me a 2000 rating :DDD thx a lot ! 20/03/2021 Ada Found teams for me in a short time. The team was professional and make calls what I needed to do 19/03/2021 Wilfred Butler I got my mount in 50 games in 4 hours!!! The team was very serious but professional 19/03/2021 dad dont want to recommend because that means they have less time to play with me but fine excellent customer service and amazing players 18/03/2021 Henry The operators were friendly and were able to answer all my questions. 18/03/2021 Edmund It was very fun and fast! 17/03/2021 Gary Jordan I have never been to RBG, but I really liked it ^^ I recommend this boosting service 16/03/2021 Alvin Berry Good 100%!!!! 15/03/2021 Salvatore Belvito Professional, fast, patenty and gvery nice booster. I really raccomanded you!! Fantastic guys and fantastic service, very fast 14/03/2021 Jones everything went really fast, great service 08/03/2021 LOAD MORE

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