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Mythic Store / Reviews
Jaf Allways a pleasure, great team and really pro.
Super Service ! Incroyablement satisfait ! 10/04/2024 Mathieu (SoggyEU_) service parfait je conseil ! 18/03/2024 Lily I'm glad you enjoyed it! The pilot was very professional and completed everything quickly. I will definitely use their services again. 01/12/2023 Giulia Sono rimasta entusiasta dell'acquisto dell'oro! Ha notevolmente migliorato la mia esperienza di gioco 01/10/2023 Felix T. This gold was a true game-changer. Patience paid off! 30/09/2023 Alexander Outstanding job!
Olivier J'étais ravi de l'or ! Cela a vraiment amélioré mon expérience de jeu 27/09/2023 Abigail Great 24/09/2023 Sophie La livraison de l'or a pris un peu de temps mais la qualité était excellente. 23/09/2023 Lena Ich war begeistert vom Gold! Es hat mein Spielerlebnis erheblich verbessert ^^ 21/09/2023 Felix Ty ❤️ 17/09/2023 Natanus ^^ thx 15/09/2023 Nicolas Received my gold by mail, very convenient and reliable. Excellent service! 14/09/2023 Chloe Fast delivery 14/09/2023 Emily Quick 13/09/2023 Camille La livraison a pris un peu de temps, mais la qualité de l'or était exceptionnelle 12/09/2023 Cat Highly recommend 11/09/2023 Alexis Transaction fluide et rapide. L'or était dans ma boîte aux lettres en un rien de temps. Parfait! 08/09/2023 Customer The delivery took a bit, but the gold quality was outstanding. 08/09/2023 Pierre Had a minor issue with the transaction, but customer support was on it and resolved everything quickly. Ended up getting extra gold for the inconvenience. Very happy with the service! 05/09/2023 Owner i was ecstatic about the gold! It greatly enhanced my gameplay experience 02/09/2023 Jackson Amazing service! 02/09/2023 Emily I chose mail delivery and found my gold waiting in my mailbox the next time I logged in. So convenient and easy, will definitely use this service again! 01/09/2023 Mia Perfect 01/09/2023 Nico Fast and reliable! I was skeptical at first, but everything went smoothly. Got my gold in less than 10 minutes 29/08/2023 Nere The Coaching was awesome, he was some and a nice guy, showed me a lot of stuff to get better. 25/08/2023 Mia A game-changer in every sense hahaha ^^ 05/08/2023 Noah Great 01/08/2023 Breeze A must-have for anyone seeking convenience ;) 30/07/2023 Aiden Outstanding job! 29/07/2023 Paul Boost quality = Good
Customer support = Helpful
Delivery delays = Annoying
Improvement needed = Better english for boosters
Overall = Satisfied, but be quicker next time!
Dko Thx best service recommend
Coach explained to me all the material
Really pro guy
Soprano Great job! Everything is fine 25/07/2023 Michael I would like to highlight Operator Alise, who found the best raid for my rogue. They arranged a raid where many items were dropping that I could roll for, and thanks to that, I got the best trinket in the game! Thank you so much, my friends! 24/07/2023 Alexander I had booked a lot of services by the team and never had problems comunication and all was the best I ever seen so I would say this is the best Side to book a service. 24/07/2023 Jurgen The HC Aberrus run was fast, smooth and very well coordinated.
Thumbs up for the great teamwork.
And ofc the moderators (in this case john) are always friendly and able to help.
Keep up the good work.
Bon Good run to Mythic Raid, thanks team 23/07/2023 Jack Fast. Clear. Smooth and many others words 23/07/2023 Fan Smooth and great run 23/07/2023 Benjamin Amazing service! 23/07/2023 Seeek alsome great work 22/07/2023 Nick Gutes Team, guter technischer Support 22/07/2023 Ethan Ein Geschenk für einen Freund gemacht, ihm hat alles gefallen 22/07/2023 Harper Love it! 22/07/2023 Tom Such a great run 21/07/2023 P.S. That's...
Mohamed good team, nice support, a lot of items 20/07/2023 Fred Bought the Mythic raid, and I was satisfied. The team I was in was one of the world's top progressions, which made me very happy because I got to see how truly professional teams play. Thank you as always 20/07/2023 Rain Fast runs and great mount! Thanks team for it 20/07/2023 Cake Fantastic 20/07/2023 David Awesome experience! 20/07/2023 Silver Healer Im satisfied 20/07/2023 Sam Best decision I've made! My coach provided in-depth analysis and easy to understand strategies. Thanks! 19/07/2023 Mom I have health issues, but I really wanted to play on par with other players, so I decided to purchase a Mythic Store boost. I was pleasantly surprised that the support team approached with understanding and informed the team that I might not perform at my best, but I wouldn't interfere. The team was very kind to me and even waited when I encountered difficulties. I enjoyed the boost and the moral satisfaction of achieving it. Thanks to Mythic Store for their support and understanding, and thanks to the team for their patience. 18/07/2023 Ramon_rox The boosters did a fantastic job, and they were patient with me throughout the process. It was my first time using a boosting service, and they made it stress-free! Thank you for a great service. Highly recommend! 17/07/2023 Boddy I GOT MOUNT!! THANK YOU 16/07/2023 Rose Very pleased of team 16/07/2023 Sarah I have always wanted to complete Mythic, but I faced numerous issues with it many times. I changed guilds a lot, and starting from BFA, I always reached the final boss only to be met with failure—either our guild disbanded raiding, or I was benched, or we couldn't finish because of new patch. But now, this curse has come to an end. Thanks to Mythic-Store!!!!! 15/07/2023 Ti Ti fast and furious 14/07/2023 Mister Cat Thanks Alise for her time and thanks team for smooth runs of M+20 14/07/2023 Mohamed Good 13/07/2023 Simon I was pretty nervous before taking that service. Tbh im not the best player. But the operator was very friendly and kind, he explained everything to me. Team was really great too and we were completing all dungeons very fast, despite I was dying so much xD. They also adjusted to the time that was convenient for me. Oh and they also shared some loot with me! Thank you from a happy owner of keystone hero achievement 13/07/2023 Jefferson Smooth and easy 12/07/2023 Nick Many of us died, but we managed to succeed it 12/07/2023 Jean Very professional. I love it 12/07/2023 iza iza Clear runs as always 11/07/2023 Mystical changed the raid time 11/07/2023 J Driver farmed over 40 mounts in one order. Definitely worth it 11/07/2023 Olgerd High-quality. Conscientiously 11/07/2023 Alex 11/07/2023 Jackson My wife was satisfied 10/07/2023 Brain Love it! 10/07/2023 Kluthilda Back again 10/07/2023 Olivia Excellent quality! 10/07/2023 Michael Got my tmog fast and easy. Thanks! 08/07/2023 Matthew Brilliant service, so helpful. 07/07/2023 M Es hat mir gefallen 06/07/2023 Moodmad Good. Recommend. Love 05/07/2023 Tis Buying a VIPrun with 20 boosters, they suggested bringing my friend along for the raid. I was pleasantly surprised because I had never heard of such an option before. We completed the raid, got many items, and everyone was satisfied. The only thing that didn't appeal to me was the limited raid time options 05/07/2023 Vernon Well played! I also want to mention the excellent order support; operator Alise gave me a very pleasant discount as well as a bonus dungeon. Truly premium service! 05/07/2023 Fly I am thankful to the support center for helping me choose the right option for my character. They were very polite and friendly. A special thanks to them for selecting the perfect team for my mage because I got exactly what I wanted and I'm really satisfied.
Nicolas L'entraîneur était professionnel, connaissait parfaitement le jeu, et m'a aidé à comprendre et à utiliser efficacement les Addons et WeakAuras. Je recommande! 04/07/2023 Zoey Worth every penny 04/07/2023 Yan
I decided to make a purchase because of the beautiful website, and I didn't regret it one bit when I found Mythic Store! I will definitely buy something else in the future.
Daniel Easy 03/07/2023 Matthew Nice that's all 03/07/2023 Alex Dylan was friendly and kind for you
Thank you sir for your work
Sofia Thank you 02/07/2023 B. H. Awesome experience. Friendly team and great communication. Took a bit to assemble. I guess because these guys are always pretty busy, but worth the wait. Got my ksh and very happy ^^ 02/07/2023 Michael recommend 02/07/2023 Flo FAST EASY 01/07/2023 Vick
I was pleasantly surprised that they assembled a team to fit my schedule and even provided a bonus in the form of traders. Many thanks to Sammy for the friendly conversation.
Alex thanks cheers 01/07/2023 Chloe Now i have an achievement super 01/07/2023 Daniel I was really afraid to buy such an expensive raid with traders, but I didn't regret it at all in the end! I received a lot of items that were perfect for my character. The team was truly professional, and the support team was very kind to me. I will definitely recommend your store and teams to my friends. Thanks again for a great day!
Bigmam Ask for discount, they will give it to you! ;) 30/06/2023 HL Fast and easy 30/06/2023 Hannah Perfect 30/06/2023 Ed That was a long road. Thanks guys for helping your old friend 30/06/2023
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