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Mythic Store / Reviews
Kenneth Boost was done fast and smooth. No problems what so ever 30/04/2019 Georgi The most correct guys ! They did 2.2k arena rating with no problems. Fast with no delay!!! Always happy to deal with them. Dylan is very cool guy thumbs up 21/04/2019 Michael Excelent cooperation!! 15/04/2019 Mari Super great job. Nice bosses and the guys did it so fast, it was amazing! :) I will use this service again 100%. Thank you very much. Very recommended! 14/04/2019 Parker Raid was awesome. So much fun loot + mount. A lot of new experiences and achievments. Good job. Thanks. 06/04/2019 PIPESTHEKING Second time using the service. Thanks to all staff continue the good work. Thank you very much once again ! kiss kiss 29/03/2019 Moath Nice work 24/03/2019 Henry Nice customer service, got my boost in 3h. Thanks for a instant run. 14/03/2019 Dinaco The run was awesome. UNDR +10 with Bolstering/skittish/fortified/Infested with ease. These players are true pro's easily capable of getting +1/+2 on an M+10 both alliance and horde I highly recommend this store for it has the best price and best players. 26/02/2019 Røtvold Top service as allways! 19/02/2019 Michael Really good service. Definitely worth the returning usage of these guys! If you are worried about this kind of service, Mythic-Store will calm those fears; these guys are polite, friendly and professional! Happy to use them! ^^ 11/02/2019 Blackwolf Service done very fast. Excellent customer support. 04/02/2019 AnubUmRama Was a great and fast run!!! ToS really fast and all professionell ! Thanks again 01/02/2019 David Very nice service!!! highle recommend 23/01/2019 Courtney I Always use this site, the service is amazing and they really make you feel like a valued customer. Would and have recommended this site to everyone i know 05/01/2019 VMB This is always a pleasure no matter what! Highly reccomend this if you are going to let someone else do things for you! 10/10 27/12/2018 Logi really good service the guys are very professional and fast to do they explain everything very well i highly recommend this site best prices are given here and defiantly the best service. i will defiantly be back :D 24/12/2018 Fqtw These guys are friendly, professional and fast ! I recommend and I'll order again. 20/12/2018 Great Quick, Professional and Realy Friendly Players.. Good Service 15/12/2018 Ben Smooth transaction. 04/12/2018 ALomi Great run! 28/11/2018 Krilax smooth run 19/11/2018 Artemusttoca they work so fast and so good, special mention to Dylan(asistant) for his good job 15/11/2018 Thrall Bought Ghuun HC kill. Was smooth and quick. I could have died at the start and wouldn't have made a difference :) 23/10/2018 Philip Very nice run with masterloot and I got a lot of items which were nice upgrades! Thanks 22/10/2018 HappyCustomer Bought HC run. Worked like a charm. One Shot Group. 19/10/2018 Sabnock made +15 in time with +2! Greate job guys! 01/10/2018 Trolle made an order very late in the night and they started it right away and completed the WM with litte trubble so i will for sure be back when ever i need anything in game 29/09/2018 Sanrino Excellent help at any time of the day! Someone you know will be there for you when you need that extra help Great service!)) 18/09/2018 James very fast and very kind group got item and achive nice! 07/09/2018 Norsktulling It was an great boost, good for us that have less time than money and have an hectic work day. Everything was nice! 03/09/2018 Theodor I want to thanks those guys becouse their services are fast, and they give you privacy. Thank you guys! 23/08/2018 Furywarr I recommend, great server 19/08/2018 Dogukan Thank for quick leveling 16/08/2018 Jonoko95 10/10 Serious guys. Legit prices, and really quick services.100% recommend their services. 06/08/2018 Alexander Mythic-store its really cool, Best Price, Best helpers with good follow and nice show in the raids !I really enjoyed Mythic-store and I recommend them to you !Thanks Mythic store ! 02/08/2018 Tangz This site is the best, If you're looking to get a bit of a boost on your wow toon, this is where you will get it. Customer service and support is outstanding! and the delivery is quick and hassle free. would definitely recommend this to anyone out there. These guys know how to deliver. 23/07/2018 Moath Nice work 22/07/2018 Vasilis Cheap, fast, smooth completion of my 2 orders. A realy helpfull and friendly skype chat support on all of my questions with fast replies! You guys won a huge fan! 13/07/2018 Renewy 10/10 Serious guys. Legit prices, and really quick services.100% recommend their services. 09/07/2018 Ricardo Dylan is a Very nice and patient guy with costumers, Always looking forward to find a solution if there is any problem, also did a discount! Started the orders right after the payment! Nothing to complain !thanks once Again DylanTake Care! 20/06/2018 Zangg Perfect one shot Argus hm run 19/06/2018 DHA Smooth run for a high MM+.Boosters were very good and also very nice.Recommend this service ! 16/06/2018 Anonymous Thanks very much Mythic-store, bought Mythics run and got 12 items 05/06/2018 Mealdan did a maw 15 in time and i have never had sutch a smooth run with no problems at all. all the guys did a fantastic job and where very fast on delivering my order. will defenetly use this service again. 28/05/2018 Michael Very nice people. Raiders get the job done. Staff seem very willing to help you out and answer questions. This group offers a service that I no longer have worries about! :D 21/05/2018 Trevis one of best boosters, like allways =) thanks Dylan 13/05/2018 Uter thanks for help, will recommend mythic store to all! 07/05/2018 Rouge Perfect service, fast how it need to be. High recommendation! Thanks You Guys. 26/04/2018 XXX Best site ever...nice done...they do it in 30 minuts.....NICE ONEEEEE im so happy...they are 100% sure...take ur tickets and enjoy it ^_^ 24/04/2018 Nick Perfect service, fast how it need to be. High recommendation! Thanks You Guys. 10/04/2018 wilms Thanks, fast server! 29/03/2018 PIPESTHEKING Awesome staff very kind and patient with me.. Bought the leveling from 100-110 in 7 hours !! Awesome awesome !!! Thank you very much to Mythic-store espeaccialy to Dylan and ofc to my Driver !! 5 starss tottaly recomend this. Best regards, André 25/03/2018 Eiki Best store ever, guys are nice and very accomodating ! I recommend this site 18/03/2018 Fjanttrolle got a m+10 done super fast and got some sweet loot on top of that so im very happy with the service and will for sure come here again when ever i need to do more m+ :) 11/03/2018 Georgi Again perfect job, even with trash equipment these guys have no problems doing the mage tower !!! 07/03/2018 Kevin got my curve good group went fine thx alot ^^ 03/03/2018 Vasilis Best site with best services and the faster completion of your orders i have seen around the web. Keep it up! 02/03/2018 Cronight fantastic service...fast and smooth...raid start on time, also fantastic and so nice and friendly communication via whatsapp....will recommend to everybody...cheers!!!... 28/02/2018 Danny Good and friendly communication. Also the price was individually for my request. The thrash was mainly cleared before the raid so that we could rush in 75 minutes through the raid. All in all a service that i would recommend to everyone 15/02/2018 Liandry Fast and safe! Got the Guldan Mount :) ! 12/02/2018 Fjant super fast and speedy responce and took all of 5 min to complete mage tower for me, these guys are the best! 28/01/2018 Gnowarr Very perfect service ! super fast ! 23/01/2018 Michael Quick. Easy. Very cheap if you have the right gear. Very happy for help! These guys are perfect, legitimate, professional runners. Brilliant service. Will come back again! 14/01/2018 Zaf best site ever. 10/01/2018 Abdul Awesome! Thank guys what prepared my artifact before to raid ^^ 05/01/2018 Davos Ordered an heroic argus kill. Got it 3 hours later, just before the reset. The operator on the site was very kind, and helped me step by step to get my order done. Thank you! 21/12/2017 Innocencee 5+++ star. A really professional team of players, ready to help you out with everything and every little questions. I collaborated with them on 4 occasion and even if it was antorus hc or an artefact quest, they never disappointed. I got what I asked for and even more. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this site and the ppl here. Again many thanks. 09/12/2017 Solbakken Fast, cheap and very professional people! Did a full heroic run opening week and secound week i did Aggramar and Argus kill. 12/10 !! If you have questions, the guy in the web chat is more than welcome to help you out with anything, they value you as a customeer. 06/12/2017 Z0rkie Top class boosters in Mythic 15+. Great and fast service :) 02/12/2017 Michael Great service. The lads are friendly, helpful and honest. If you are someone who is sceptical of all the "Wow, fantastic service!" reviews and worried that they may be fake, I can tell you that they are not! Mythic Store is a genuine business and are incredibly helpful. I will being using them in BFA! ^^ 22/11/2017 Nick Excellent service, completed my Artifact Challenge in no time at all - fast and trustworthy people, completed many things with them in the past and they always excell 13/11/2017 Mccrippling Very nice and clean - super service. Can recomend 110% 09/11/2017 KH Great service. recomend 100 % 23/10/2017 Somewow Excellent communication, smooth run, exactly what I asked for, thank you! I'll be back for the HC before long :) 20/10/2017 Chrissil Fast and Clean service. Thanks 17/10/2017 Harris Really a great service. Pro, fast and effective players. A pleasure to do the raid with them, they help you in what they can, so I recommend the sefplayer because that's how you see them play and learn. The online service is fantastic and they are always there to inform you about everything. I will repeat! 08/10/2017 Bubbleman Unbelievable Fast respond's, great service made 2 offers and they were taken care of Right away! Recommend This 100% ;) 30/09/2017 Quslig Really great service and theese guys deliver fast and without any problems! And the live chat lets u talk to them directly without any waiting time if u have any questions. I will use their services again and again without question.! 24/09/2017 Norwegian quick and fast service, Awesome effictive people 20/09/2017 Nick Done Normal Uldir fast and clean :) Also done Heroic g'huun and was the same :) 10/09/2017 Donatello Good service. I recommend 100%. ease of communication and speed. 05/09/2017 V91lozo Great price + great service :) Thanks :) 19/08/2017 Hunsaik Nice people, easy boosts. Could see myself coming back. 07/08/2017 Andersson Fast, smooth and professional service. Highly recommended! 01/08/2017 Adam Awesome service,So fast lvling!!! after 12 hours i got my char with 110 lvl, thank very much boys! 29/07/2017 Tako Very helpful and managed to get the curve for Kiljaden just before the next raid. Will definitely come back. 13/07/2017 Chslater Sweet service, very smooth. I recommend it bigtime. 22/06/2017 Chslater Sweet service, very smooth. I recommend it bigtime. 14/06/2017 Kruegger Violet Spellwing - Rapid and smooth run/transation , happy costumer :) Would definitely run again with you guyz in the future..thanks a lot!! 12/06/2017 Skuirz Very good service. recommend this service highly.. 10/10 06/06/2017 Pwny professional service! 1shot fast efficient curve kill! Definitely recommended! 09/05/2017 lucy Fast service, quick and clean kill.Always in touch when needed.Perfect. :) 27/04/2017 Drago Great and easy 11/04/2017 Scrußzx really satisfying, I did not expect and I was surprised a lot. Mythic Store recommend to anyone who wants one discount boost, fast, safe, reliable and enjoyable. It has been great: D 09/04/2017 Pwny professional service! 1shot fast efficient curve kill! Definitely recommended! 05/04/2017 Nazkrull Would give 6 stars if there was an extra one !Doesn't matter what you want, they will do it, cheapest price of all wow service online and best service.Pro players, always accommodating. 21/03/2017 Hevyheven Got the glory of legion hero, fast and easy run, good service as always :) 14/03/2017 Dav Really nice fast service, liked it alot 13/03/2017 Dulmor These guys offer the best services i have ever seen at the best prices. Fast and Safe, They are supre supportive too with always on skype, always try to serv you as best as they can and realy they explain anything. 11/10 02/03/2017 Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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