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George lvling boost from 100 to 110, good and fast!!! Thank 24/02/2017 Malik I’m seriously, how cool it was. Very beautiful raid, nice bosses and guys have done the hard work. I will use your service again. Thank you, recommend+ 15/02/2017 Max Awesome service bought lvl and after 11 hours me char was rdy!! 11/02/2017 Anonymous All was nice! i was surprised when dropped legendary ring! Thanks boys ^ 10/02/2017 Margo Very good service! Made very good discount , i love you guys , go with you was great! 06/02/2017 Iran Got mount after 3 hours , recommend 01/02/2017 Marat Thanks all done 30/01/2017 Michael Fantastic runs. Very polite. Always seemed more than willing to give items that dropped if I asked for them. Very accomadting for changes in character. I will highly likely use this service again! Very easy runs indeed! ^^ 24/01/2017 Savant78 I just came back from a gul'dan HC boost, and theses guys are litteraly proffessional players, services and communication from the direction is perfect,Little message for frenches who will read that : Exellent groupe de boost très professionnelle dans ce qu'ils font, Vous y verrez dans le prix peut etre un exes, mais sachez que la direction est prete à vous arranger ! Si je dois revenir me faire boost quelque chose , c'est ici que je viendrai ! Well, if i need others bosst, im come back here for sure! 23/01/2017 Connor Fantastic service, very friendly, extremely quick run. Would recommend to friends 18/01/2017 Max Great services, great team :) J’étais un peu septique, mais ce sont des gars super ! :) je recommande 16/01/2017 Jukes Awesome costumer service! Notifying me with weekly-offer right from the start and close to instant contact, if you have any questions or problems. Very professional team both website and Raid. Easy in-and out :) 14/01/2017 Gillian Lovely helpful staff on the website and skype.In the runs I received exactly what I paid for, very happy customer and will use Mythic-Store in the future.I would recommend this service to friends and family :) 10/01/2017 Hevyheven was going to buy a mythic boost and saw that i couldnt make it and asked for a refund, and i got my money back in no time. Really amazing service and nice prices! i will come back for more 07/01/2017 Shawen Super legit, amazing service and eager to help! Held my hand from start to mount.Will use them again. Happy new year! 29/12/2016 Ombraxious Done fully pro !:) even with a coffee break ! first attempt, and basically 20 minutes after payment I was in a raid !:) You should really get it ! 23/12/2016 DvD Got mount in 5 min. professionals and fast team 22/12/2016 Hevyheven Tok abit time before we started but when we started it was fast and really good run! :) will come back for more later for sure! 20/12/2016 BDK i got the mount++very good customer service LEGIT 16/12/2016 Hunter Gr8 service. They deliver what they promise, and friendly customer service as well. 12/12/2016 Tom Got mount on agreed time. Was nice boss experience. Also got extra trinket 720. 09/12/2016 Garry Good site and people, fast service and frienldy operators. thanks agayn! 01/12/2016 Mike good site and boosters. thanks for a suppor 01/12/2016 Choupre Nice Boost, u can trust to them ^^ 28/11/2016 Nico very good service. friendly operator Dylan.. thank you agayn ) 23/11/2016 Joel Got what I payed for and the service was quick. Their customerservice is very friendly and helpful. 20/11/2016 Dwalin Perfect and fast delivery. you can trust this guys an vote them ! 19/11/2016 Oman Good run with alot of items. 18 total. My respekt guys, awesome!! 05/11/2016 Olkan thanks. great job 02/11/2016 Grennt all was quick and as i ordered. done my order in 2 days 30/10/2016 Alars good site and team total, my thanks 27/10/2016 Anonymous Run took exactly 2 hours. Everybody was on time and helpful. Very good run, highly recommended. 19/10/2016 Johan thanks for help, will definetly use you agayn 17/10/2016 Halev all was good, recommend this guys 16/10/2016 Kasper Very pleased with this service. It was at a high level of customer care that I got this service and it was performed live as well. I was able to see it on stream. I took the piloted version and it was a very good experience for me. 14/10/2016 Achii Nice and quick run! 13/10/2016 Сhandra Took the “selfplay” mode, and was extremely happy with the boost. Clear guidance of what to do, and so efficiently clear the instances. Good customer support too.Definitely recommended, and will surely come back if I ever needed any boost services again.Giving 4 ratings due to unpunctuality when starting the run, but other than that, excellent service!! 01/10/2016 Sawazi super team, I was satisfied =) 30/09/2016 Magis Everything fine ! Best Price !!!! 30/09/2016 Courtney Excellent service, great to watch as a stream is provided and great tune selection. A+++++ Service 28/09/2016 Chucken Very good! got 833 ilvl at first run mythic dungeon, recommend+ 21/09/2016 Bogdan Nice customer service, got my boost in 3h. Thanks for a instant run. 18/09/2016 Anonymous Great support! Helped alot... it was quick and fast.It was great all around! :D 13/09/2016 Maksons thank you mythic store. Very good job and fast service 05/09/2016 Andreas God purchase, quick done! 03/09/2016 Lexy thanks for leveling got character lvl 110 for 9 hours. With me immediately contacted after leveling, and returned my account !! thank you guys! 03/09/2016 Ezra In Draeor bought preorder and today tonight got already 110 lVl. Ty very much Mythic-store!!!!!!Awesome guys! 01/09/2016 John Hello! Can definately vouch for these guys, very friendly and funny. Time passed by quickly and I had loads of fun! I was a little concerned but their service was really 100% legit and safe. 30/08/2016 Olly Trusted boosters! All good, will come agayn. 30/08/2016 Nikolas xcellent service, a pioneer of Draenor done efficiently and quickly . We were pleased with accurate work , all as the left , the interface is not moved, all without problems . Thank you so much . 25/08/2016 Anna Great service! rep+ 22/08/2016 MMalmbin Bought a run for the Grove Warden and had the mount 60 min later. Quick and painless. And the webchat was quick and friendly :)10/10 would purchase again! 21/08/2016 Drum I can highly recommend these guys! I bought CM gold service and price at the time was 45 euro for self play. They fit me in roughly 40 minutes after first contact, and it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes for everything. 10/10, would use again! 16/08/2016 Greg Everything is fine! Thank you team ) 13/08/2016 Ickeris Excellent Service, Looking forward to using the Mythic store for Legion. The guys took me through HFC Mythic got my char geared up in one run pretty much. These guys are pro's cleared HFC in 2 hours with hardly any wipes...if you want to see how the pro's do it, go on a run it was mega fun! Customer service was great I really cant fault them on anything keep up the great work! 11/08/2016 Gleb Bought 2,200 , made ​​in 3 hours , you're crazy ) ) ) ) ) 09/08/2016 Dared Best boosting service ever. They did everything as promised. I have the armor, mainhand, alot of set itmes and 2 trinkets. You rock guys, keep up the good work. 07/08/2016 Marijn Again a very good service. They players are VERY profesional and dont wipe. It was just 20 min and i had the Felsteel Annihilator. Guys dont think about the money but just GET IT BEFORE LEGION. Guys like me that dont have the time for it in WOD but you dont want to get behind. Buy it. the service is great and the pleasure is indescribable.Mythic store Thank You. 05/08/2016 Pally Bought 8/8 CM gold, took a little time to get started but they ran me through all the dungeons no problem and i got 8/8 gold now, thanks guys 31/07/2016 EuWarlockKa I happened to look into the Grove Warden boost when they were doing it, got it very fast with an excellent raid group.Would definitively use again and recommend. 30/07/2016 Karimzemalem Very clean and fast, nice run))) 28/07/2016 Woxer Did archie HC with a wery fast and good group will recommend you to all! 27/07/2016 Brans Fast service, very good price. Super friendly customer care. Could even watch my Challenge Mode run on a stream! 25/07/2016 Rawan that was so much fun and easy :Dgot my 2 mounts (ironhoof destroyer and Felsteel Annihilator.) in few minutes and an extra trinket. i was also treated as a valued customer 20/07/2016 Dwalin Very good service very friendly. I payed and a few hours later i had my Ironhoof destroyer. Thanks for everything Mythic store 19/07/2016 Jora extraordinary service, but the right = ) Thank you guys . 18/07/2016 YoloSwag All quickly and okay . Service very friendly. I am very happy to have a
new mount and belt 735 ILV. Gentlemen are very experienced in what they
do :) I highly recommend them !!
YoloSwag All quickly and okay . Service very friendly. I am very happy to have a new mount and belt 735 ILV . Gentlemen are very experienced in what they do :) I highly recommend them !! 13/07/2016
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