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Bob With guild couldn't get past 2nd boss
With guild couldn't get past 2nd boss but these guys made it full clear! I was watching the pro team playing in front of me! Best experience! These guys know what they are doing! Also make sure to ask for bonus in chat ;)
Olivia Ordered 8/8 +10 dungeons. We went quickly and efficiently ^^ 11/12/2020 Depenes at first I was sceptic but then i tried their service boost invite was less than 30min. Great group and great support.
Richard The support is very loyal and welcoming. After payment in 5 minutes, were accepted into the group! :D So fast! 09/12/2020 Van I bought 2 wings of Torghast. The support was able to explain to me how to use it correctly and helped me place an order. It is very rare for support to help you understand the in-game mechanics. Recommend 08/12/2020 Matthew First time I've took such service
First time I've took such service and I was really surprised how good it went
Mythic-Store team was really helpful and explained me part by part how does covenants works. We were in touch all the process of the boosting via whatsapp. Definitely will buy again!
Sem party was set up 10 min after payment runs are very quick no wipes few breakes in between but thats normal overal a very very good experiance 10/10 would run again! 02/12/2020 Sem super quick service!
party was set up 10 min after payment runs are very quick no wipes few breakes in between but thats normal overal a very very good experiance 10/10 would run again!
Leo Top-notch gold here, despite the longer delivery time 01/12/2020 Alexander Fast and Really good offers I like this fast service.
This is the best WOW Boost shop
Marko Jaina mount
Everything was according to plan, even got a nice discount! They are willing to make you a deal!
Got in the raid, killed the boss in second pull. This was my first service, and i would recommend them for every one of you looking for wow services!
Simon Ready Uncorrupted Voidwing Quest N'Zoth Kill
from the moment i looked at their website they looked and acted professional towards me never belittling or making fun or the fact i had not played at all in the last patch. they welcomed and helped me go through the very simple process to select what i wish to achieve which for me was a N'zoth kill for the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount not a massive goal but a big goal to me to get. while waiting for the group to get ready for the kill i had a nice pleasant chat with their online support staff amazing person explained alot of things that i had missed from the patch was very nice of them to explain and tell these things while i waited. Once they was ready i was invited to a group given instructions on what i needed to do which was simply hit the boss a few times and go into a puddle and die so the team could go through the fight and destroy N'zoth. It was amazing to watch, they made it look so simple true signs of Professionals. once N'zoth had fallen i got my Uncorrupted Voidwing quest item handed it in to get the mount i was after. even after the kill and i had my mount the online staff checked to make sure i had completed my request. Thank you again for amazing service and awesome online support amazing people.
Aymeric excellent service, 100% sure
I am really extremely happy
David Mythic store are the best! doos diacounts and services 18/11/2020 Ethan The transaction went smoothly and the gold quality was impressive 18/11/2020 Florent really good job :) thanks for all 18/11/2020 Florent Penet really good experience :) thanks for all
Sullapo Costumer review
If done some things with Mythic-Store like Jaina and Ny'alotha mount everything went well. No doubts they are really great. Customer service is always there for you and also very nice to you. Apart from that other things that are not listed can be done also. Only thing you need to do is ask. All in all I was kind of against this kind of Buissnes because of bad experiences but since I got to know the guys from Mythic-Store im pretty sure it was all just bad luck. The happier I am now beeing able to achiv alot what I don't really have time for. Last thing I got to say is if you are still against these kinds of Buissneses then you NEED to order something of Mythic-Store.com!
will fast quick efficient would highly recommend! 15/11/2020 Nikola Jelić Excellent, 5+ !
Really fast, profesional and smooth!
LX all good
all good, fast and safe
Victor Adler Glacial Tidestorm
Fast and easy, 100 % safe.
Stefan Very nice contact and group!
very nice contact and group! get it very fast for girlfriend, she is very happy! :)
kevin lenting best boosters to find!
These guys are 100% legit! and the service is so fast and so great! The Mythic+ (15-18) couldn't have been done any better!
kostas great job..smoth runs!i suggesttakingthe boost option on raiding for more loot!
RhoySaur Gaming Nice service
Nice service, 100% Carried me through Jaina.
Yarne Faingnaert
Amazing service
Amazing service! Received a message to help me find the perfect deal and even got a discount on top of it for buying something extra! The raid went as smooth and possible and when I disconnected I immediately got contacted to see what went wrong, amazing customer service on top of attention to detail and making me feel comfortable knowing I'd everything possible! 10/10 Would come again
Alexander Zürner Perfect service
Perfect service. Quick and Smooth.
Raffi Finally got Jaina´s Mount
Finally got Jaina´s Mount, service was excellent.
I am very pleased.
I was very unsure, if i can trust them, and now i know, i can :)
Mia The gold's quality exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended! 25/10/2020 Eike Everything went super smoothly, even though the servers were lagging. They just rescheduled for the next day and everything was fine. Great service! 23/10/2020 Matthias Good service fast & reliable. Run was delayed and they handled it profesionally! 22/10/2020 André Hightly Recommen! All Fine...Fast and perfect!
Any Time again!
Andréas Highly recommend!
Highly recommend! Perfect,fast and good Timed Run! Any Time again!
Dan The Man Quick and great service
Quick and great service. Would use again.
Belinda Z. Would always recommend to friends
Everything was perfect for me and the communication via the chat was super helpful. Thanks so much for doing a great job all
Adam Mendy perfect
amazing service, super fast and started within 30 mins of pay! take payment on paypal (which allows to cash back in case of scam) so you can trust these guys! really friendly sellers =)
Best,fastest,most proffisionally bouth staff and crew. Did i mention that they are cheepest!? :P TY
Matt 10 MIN BLAST !
Cannot give less then 5/5
After joining the raid, we beat the BOSS (Jaina) under 10 minutes. Mount added into the collection. THX
GRIGORIOS KRANIAS Nice clean and fast,goodjob guys 12/10/2020 Andy Fast, reliable - no trouble 8) 10/10/2020 Alexander Till Perfect job
Perfect job. Super friendly guys
Marcel Trippe Super Friendly and fast! 10/10/2020 Raloufinho Very good team, perfect job 07/10/2020 Abdullmohsen Excellent
I've bought a couple of services from MS before writing this review, the guys are super friendly, you usually get more than what you have paid for, absolutely worth it.
Yordan Absolute beasts! Great price, done AFAP, friendly and helpful in the site chat! Keep up the great fuckin job here, fellas! ^^ 29/09/2020 Eric Wisniewski Quick and nice service
Quick and nice service, got my full Heroic run done within 2 hours and everything went smooth!
Riton Nzoth mount
Bought the mount from them at 9.99€
Was grouped on time, Nzoth done in maybe 5mins, Russian efficiency 5/5
Gynevra Great!
no other words need to explain my experience
Hurans Pretty good service
Bought Heroic N'Zoth for 10 pounds, got invited on schedule, boss died in like 5 minutes and I got my Purple Dragon. I'd say it was worth.
Daniel Best service. Fast and easy =) 24/09/2020 Öncel Cebeci Great service
Great service. From start to end all instructions are super clear and customer service is always there for you.
Raid is pretty straight-forward and they message you up if you specifically need to do something. Otherwise you can just watch & learn these pro players.
Flori I liked it
Fast and clean. Very good service. Iam happy :)
Deon Pieterse I've bought from these guys twice
I've bought from these guys twice, initially, I was super sceptical as we all are but got reassurance very fast thereafter. The guy that helped me out (their customer service who's super friendly) was super nice and gave me a 10% discount coupon for two Jaina Mounts as well as a free Visions of Nzoth 5 mask run.
Both in the two raid runs as well as the Visions run the guys were super experienced and very professional I was extremely impressed.
100% recommend them. Thanks a bunch, @mythic-store.com
Jacques Incredibly cool service
Honestly, I was thinking just like you, and now I am the proud owner of the mount I was after, very professional, chatted with me the whole way through.
Kenneth sørensen Really good and fast service :)
Really good and fast service :)
love this shop
Lucifel X Uncorrupted Voidving Nztoth Heroic
Thanks guys, the run was fast and smooth and went perfect, I can only recommend you all :)
Yazuake Sambalbai Great team, and very helpful from start to finish. They always respond within just a few minutes mid-raid or otherwise in case of any doubts.
When in a gear boost run, I also got quite a few pets, which was an unexpected surprise. The people in the raid don't talk much, but the chat on the website is always super responsive - and to my surprise, always aware of any former conversation too. Never felt the need to repeat myself!
In all honesty, there needs to be some constructive feedback too - and that is that I found it a bit difficult to follow which of the boosters got what (or no) gear. At the end of the raid, everyone left, and I'm not sure if I missed out on some gear pieces because of that. I'll definitely use these services again though, and hope they'll take this feedback to heart.
Dennis Awesome Service!
Just did a HC Ny'Alotha run and everything went super smooth.
Will for sure visit the site again!
Alex Excellent service. Right on time and helpful all the way through. Will use again 17/09/2020 Gaëtan Jambon Very good team and services, best seller on web for this lind of products :) 17/09/2020 Pablo great service, continuous chat service and very helpful. in 20/30 min I was grouped and we defeated the boss. 16/09/2020 will Bought a HC run for Nzoth, i was worried cuz you dont know how trust worthy these sites are but i was impressed super quick super smooth and incredibly helpful support staff. 14/09/2020 Tral This guys know they are doing !
Purchased 1.5 h of arena coaching , with rating above 1800 , and ended in 2050 for that time !
Salute to this guys !
Will buy another one when i need it !
Cheers guys
Martin Customer satisfaction is top priority for "Mythic-Store". They love being honest and their terms and conditions are really clear before your purchase. I trust "Mythic-Store" and I highly recommend them. You will have a good experience at "Mythic-Store".
Best regards
Victor Serious, fast and very kind 11/09/2020 Cogo At first i thought this was a scam, but they offered me a great and fast service 07/09/2020 Andrew TOP Customer Service
Their customer service is incredibly good, very kind and always there for any question. I got what I bought, on time with no problems.
I fully recommend them.
Quincy Loomans Excellent service. From the moment of purchase a constant live chat on-going to keep you in the loop of whats going on, or about to happen. Quick, trustworthy and clean. Thanks 5/5, would do again and will in the future. 03/09/2020 Hellwain Hands down the best service i ever got!
the support staff is 10/10 and they delivered my order flawlessly, i'm never using anyone but Mythic-Store.com from now on, Hats off to Ryan the support bro
Mads Jaquet I bought a full mythic clear and everything went super smooth. I also got to a part of every boss fight so it was really fun. Would defo buy again :) 31/08/2020 Hans fast and smooth run, even with only 1 booster i got a lot of upgrades!!! 29/08/2020 Hans always fast and perfect, 5/5 stars no doubt about it ! 27/08/2020 Eric Good Service, had my mount and achive within the hour. 27/08/2020 Nuno Silva It was super fast without wipes, all the members gave all the items. I recommend this service! 25/08/2020 Erso All went fast and smooth, even got an upgrade ;) 22/08/2020 Emily This gold was a total game-changer worth every minute of waiting ^^ 19/08/2020 Corey Quick and Easy. Invite was sent just before the alloted time and run started right on time. 13/08/2020 Maz Great service, fast and smooth experience, no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended! 12/08/2020 Cru Cifix All good.
Very quick service.
Anoiz Fast and cheap all good 30/07/2020 Jonathan Very solid group! 24/07/2020 Lyla I bought a m15 boost. I asked for a fast start because I was in a hurry. We started in 5 minutes without extra pay. Dungeon run was smooth booster were friendly. I can honestly recommend this service! 03/07/2020 Bryan Everything was provided as described on the website. The run was very fast. Would do business again. 02/07/2020 Yanik Purchased another service which was once again delivered perfectly on time and very professionally. Great value and very friendly as always.
Amozir Fast and cheap all good 30/06/2020 Saeed My perfect run! I’ve never seen such a professional group. Big thanks to guys! Defo A+ from me! 27/06/2020 Aaron They were fast extremely polite and knowledgeable I would suggest them to anyone The absolute best and professional
Tim Great service thanks guys, Very friendly Dylan and everything done one time! 18/06/2020 Nutbag Excellent website and amazing services and I would definitely recommend them. Had a good a very good and satisfactory experience with them. 18/06/2020 Resident Bought a Mythic N'zoth + mount went smooth as hell. Everything on time and great service. 10/10 17/06/2020 Lain Redpath Nice easy run, started really quickly, website and online chat really good 17/06/2020 Desh Excellent service and helpful customer support. Thanks 15/06/2020 Chris Just a brilliant service!!! 11/06/2020 Max Best Customer service I have ever had. always patient and hard working. They explain things to me all the time! 08/06/2020 Benjamin Amazing 06/06/2020 Sarah I was elated with the gold purchase! It made my gaming so much better 01/06/2020 Teyd I'm regular customer here, and always getting best offers and services. Thanks a lot for this time Dylan!
Giveaway for more then 2 years as costumer i never changing my account password, i trust them recommended to give a trays u will be happy
thanks for your help
Cutter I am a repeat customer and again it was an amazing service as ever from these guys. 22/05/2020
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