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Glacial Tidestorm

Mythic Store / Glacial Tidestorm

This Service includes: 

Killing last boss Lady Jaina Proudmoore at Mythic raid Battle of Dazar’alor.  


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Сharacter level 50


This Service includes: 

Additional information:

  • Selfplay – with this option you can go by yourself (without account sharing).
  • Stream  we will provide you with a LiveStream with your character, so you can see how are we boosting your character in real time. In some cases LiveStream is unavailable due to technical reasons.
Marko Jaina mount Everything was according to plan, even got a nice discount! They are willing to make you a deal! Got in the raid, killed the boss in second pull. This was my first service, and i would recommend them for every one of you looking for wow services! 23/11/2020 Aymeric excellent service, 100% sure I am really extremely happy 20/11/2020 Victor Adler Glacial Tidestorm Fast and easy, 100 % safe. 15/11/2020 Stefan Very nice contact and group! very nice contact and group! get it very fast for girlfriend, she is very happy! :) 08/11/2020 RhoySaur Gaming Nice service Nice service, 100% Carried me through Jaina. 01/11/2020

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