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Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer

Mythic Store / Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer

The Shadowlands final didn't impress, did it?

Let's paint it to you with a bright spark, as if came from the neighboring universe, eh?

Yeah, I'm talking about a Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer from a Jailer in Mythic Mode!

With such a mount, there will be more pleasant memories in the collection from this addon.

This product is no longer available.
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Yeah, we offer Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer Boost, that includes:

Defeating Zovaal, the Jailer in Mythic difficulty

Mythic: The Jailer, which gives you a title – Guardian of the Pattern

Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer mount from The Jailer

Chance to get 285 item level gear

Thus, going for the mount, you will also get a Sepulture of the First Once Raid Boost by defeating the last boss.

Just take care please of a clean lockout. Otherwise, you'll have to go a week later.

Additional information

SelfPlaywith this option you can play on your character while we completing your order and have fun with us!

Piloted(Sharing) – Our booster(pilot) will login on your character to take control over entire boost process until the goal is achieved. 

Note: We will frame up time to play individually so it will not interfere with Your game time. 

VPN – Our measure of safety. If you choose piloted mod, or your order needed this option, our pilot will use VPN connect of your country. 

Stream – we can provide a LiveStream of completing your order. You can see all the processes by your own eyes and in real time. But in some cases, LiveStream unavailable due to technical reasons.


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