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Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Boost

Mythic Store / Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Boost

As usual, with the release of a new expansion, a new Glory-achievement is also added. In Dragonflight we have a new meta-achievement - Glory of the Dragonflight Hero.

There is 25 achievements and one new volcanic snail mount - Shellack

Mythic store team has good experience to perform a smooth and fast runs. Don’t waste your time with random players. Join us and get a result in no time!

Service Summary Requirements

Character Level 70

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All Achievements for Glory of the Dragonflight Hero: 

See Me After Class

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Dragon Kill Points

No, You're Stunning!

You Must Be Made of Hide

The Cracked Crystal

Weapons of the Maruukai

Nokhud Deed Goes Unnoticed

Squad Goals

All Bark, All Bite

Toxicity Strike Team

Go With the Flow

Ready for Raiding VIII

Are You My Broodmother?

Does Steam Do Fire Damage?

Icy What You Did There

What Are The Chances...

Ohuna Incubation

It's a Trogg Eat Trogg World

Duck, Duck, Spruce!


So You Can Kill This in a Way That Matters...

Hungry Hungry Hornswog

Knowledge is... Preserved?

Liquid Hot Magma

This Service includes: 

Mount Shellack

Killing all bosses in Dragonflight Mythic Dungeons

Achievement «Glory of the Dragonflight Hero»

Chance to get 372 ilvl from bosses

Additional Information:

SelfPlay– with this option you can play on your character while we complete your order and have fun with us!

Piloted(Sharing) – Our booster(pilot) will login on your character to take control over the entire boost process until the goal is achieved. 

Note: We will frame up time to play individually so it will not interfere with Your game time. 

VPN — routes game activity through a secure, encrypted connection, usually mimicking customer country connection which provides an extra layer of security and privacy for battle.net account used by booster during order activities.

Stream – we can provide a LiveStream of completing your order. You can see all the processes by your own eyes and in real time. But in some cases, LiveStream is unavailable due to technical reasons.

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