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Love is in the Air Event Boost

Mythic Store / Love is in the Air Event Boost

Love is in the Air is a delightful celebration centered around love and friendship, where players exchange gifts and candy amidst an atmosphere infused 

with the sweet scent of perfume and cologne. Inspired by the real-world traditions of Valentine's Day, this in-game holiday offers a charming and festive experience.

Our Fool For Love achievement boost is your ticket to acquiring all the achievements tied to the Love is in the Air event in WoW. 

Offering a plethora of achievements, toys, and cosmetic rewards. The Love is in the Air holiday spans just two weeks, and for some players, 

time constraints may hinder completing all the activities. 

With our boost service, you can ensure a swift and efficient accomplishment of all the event-related objectives, sparing you the worry of time limitations.

Service Summary Requirements

Event: Love is in the Air 

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This service offers:

Why Do you need Love Token?

There are three ways to obtain Love is in the Air collectable items and rewards, quests, drops, and vendors. There are a plethora of pets, mounts, transmogs, toys, and more that can be collected during Love is in the Air event. The holiday currency is Love Tokens which can be earned by completing activities and can be spent at holiday vendors. Many of the items from Love is in the Air are collectable mounts or battle pets. Players can earn Love Token through the annual one-time quests, and then build on those with daily activities.

Why you need X-45 Heartbreaker mount farm?

The X-45 Heartbreaker stands out as both a highly sought-after and somewhat irritating mount within the gaming realm. Its unique appearance catches the eye, but the frustratingly low drop rate, coupled with the brief two-week farming window each year, paints a challenging picture. Players have tirelessly pursued the Big Love Rocket for years, with tales of individuals finally obtaining it after a decade of relentless event participation.

For the most ardent collectors in the World of Warcraft community, the game plan involves gearing up over 50 characters throughout the year to engage in daily runs during the Love is in the Air event. Undoubtedly, the key to improving your odds lies in maximizing the number of runs. However, not every player can commit a substantial 8-9 hours daily to this grind across all characters.

Enter our X-45 Heartbreaker boosting service, offering a convenient solution to this conundrum. We take care of all the grinding on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on preparing as many characters as you can, calculating attempts, and securing Big Love Rocket runs from us. Enjoy the process and make the most of your free time, while our skilled boosters efficiently handle this carry service for you. For those looking for a shortcut to attaining the elusive mount, our service provides a time-saving and hassle-free option.


Q: What is Piloted Boosting?
A: Our Piloted Boosting service allows one of our experienced boosters to login to your World of Warcraft account and take full control of your character until your desired goal is achieved. We will schedule the boosting process to avoid interfering with your game time. 

Q: What is Remote? 
A: Remote Boosting uses a specialized app, allowing our boosters to securely access only to the game without needing login details. Your PC will be unavailable during the boost, but we'll schedule it at a convenient time for you.

Q: What is VPN and how is it used during boosting? 
A: VPN (Virtual Private Network) routes game activity through a secure, encrypted connection, usually mimicking the customer's country connection. This provides an extra layer of security and privacy for your Battle.net account used by our booster during order activities. 

Q: What is LiveStream and how does it work? 
A: We offer a LiveStream option for completing your order where you can see all the processes in real-time with your own eyes. However, LiveStream may be unavailable in some cases due to technical reasons. 

Q: Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?
A: We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you're not satisfied with the service, please contact our support team to discuss your concerns, and we'll work towards a resolution that meets your needs.


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