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Ulduar Raid Boost

Mythic Store / Ulduar Raid Boost

Unlock the full Ulduar raid with our professional team.Join and participate in challenging and iconic raids, earn valuable loot 

and clear the raids with ease. We use cutting-edge strategies and tactics to ensure that you have 

the best chance of  success.

Suitable for all levels of players, whether you are an experienced 

raider or new to the game.Don't miss your chance to take part in one of the most memorable 

and rewarding raids in Lich King.Sign up for our Ulduar raid service today and take your game to the next level!

Service Summary Requirements

–°haracter level 80

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This service offers:

Please, contact with our operator for information on available servers for the raid.

What does Hard more in Ulduar Raid mean?

When it comes to gameplay, there are significant differences between normal and hard modes in Ulduar. One notable distinction is that a boss named Algalon the Observer is exclusively available in hard mode. Players who choose to clear the raid in normal mode will miss out on this boss and all the loot that drops from it.

Another major difference is the presence of additional mechanics in hard mode that are either absent or not required to defeat the boss. For instance, during the encounter with XT-002 Deconstructor, the boss exposes his heart multiple times throughout the fight. Although the heart has a substantial amount of health and takes a considerable amount of time to defeat, destroying it is not essential to kill the boss. Destroying the heart serves as the challenge in hard mode, and successful completion rewards players with extra loot and achievements that would not be obtained in the normal mode.

This type of difficulty modification applies to most bosses in Ulduar. If the raid group demonstrates coordination and each player's skill meets the requirements, they can expect to receive additional rewards with higher item levels.

Completing hard mode challenges can be extremely challenging, which is why opting for our Ulduar boost is the easiest way to obtain all the desirable loot. Forget about the stress associated with raiding Ulduar and enjoy acquiring rewards in a relaxed atmosphere.


Q: Is my account safe during the boosting process?
A: We take account security very seriously. Whether you choose account sharing or remote control via Parsec, we ensure strict security measures are in place to protect your account and privacy.

Q: What is Piloted Boosting?
A: Our Piloted Boosting service allows one of our experienced boosters to login to your World of Warcraft account and take full control of your character until your desired goal is achieved. We will schedule the boosting process to avoid interfering with your game time. 

Q: What is Remote Boosting?
A: Remote Boosting uses a specialized app, allowing our boosters to securely access only to the game without needing login details. Your PC will be unavailable during the boost, but we'll schedule it at a convenient time for you.

Q: What is VPN and how is it used during boosting? 
A: VPN (Virtual Private Network) routes game activity through a secure, encrypted connection, usually mimicking the customer's country connection. This provides an extra layer of security and privacy for your Battle.net account used by our booster during order activities. 

Q: What is LiveStream and how does it work? 

A: We offer a LiveStream option for completing your order where you can see all the processes in real-time with your own eyes. However, LiveStream may be unavailable in some cases due to technical reasons. 

Q: Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?
A: We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you're not satisfied with the service, please contact our support team to discuss your concerns, and we'll work towards a resolution that meets your needs.


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